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Element Air Naturalizer – AirRestore

Review from https://potguide.com/product-reviews/element-air-naturalizer-airrestore/ When it comes to the quality of the air you breathe, there is no room for compromise. At PotGuide, we value air quality (and making sure all stoners have healthy lungs) which is why...

Cannabis Tincture

Baked goods and other food creations are a common way to deliver THC, CBD and other chemicals from cannabis without the risks of smoking/vaping. However, there is another method of preparation that can be taken orally with great effect. Tinctures are liquid mixtures...

Heavy Metal Hemp (Is Not as Cool as It Sounds)

A growing concern in the world of cannabis is the presence of dangerous heavy metals in harvested plants and the associated final products. Not all heavy metals are toxic, but some can cause serious health problems. Cadmium, chromium and lead fall into this category...

The Importance of Voting for Recreational Cannabis Use in the Next Election

This November Americans will choose a new president after what has thus far been one of the strangest campaign seasons of all time, but it won’t be the only important decision made that day. As it currently stands, 5 states are poised to add the proposition of legalized recreational marijuana usage to their ballots: California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and Arizona. The successful passage of these new laws would almost certainly deliver significant benefits to consumers, businesses and patients across the entire country.

Introducing the Endocannabinoid System

When the chemicals from ingested marijuana resins enter the endocannabinoid system, they are accepted by the receptors in place of the usual endogenous cannabinoids. This initiates the physical reactions causing the associated psychoactive and medicinal effects.

The Numbered Hand Movement for Medical Marijuana

You may have noticed pictures of hands marked with the number 6630507 circulating the internet. The digits refer to a US patent application and the owners of said hands say it is proof that the DEA is deliberately lying to the public about the medicinal value of cannabis [2].

The Rising Popularity of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis consumption continues to grow in popularity as many governments move toward relaxing or eliminating criminal laws against the production and usage of the plant. This is in large part due to a gradual amassing of evidence supporting its many health benefits,...

California to Vote on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

The proposed so-called ‘Adult Use of Marijuana Act,’ which is supported by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom among others, would allow people aged 21 and older to possess as much as an ounce of marijuana for private recreational use and permit personal cultivation of as many as six marijuana plants. […] The measure would also establish a system to license, regulate and tax sales of marijuana, while allowing city governments to exercise local control over or disallow commercial distribution within their borders.

Distribution Agreement – Resin Seeds Co. and CannabisBuyer

Clark Metcalfe, Founder of CannabisBuyer, has announced a Distribution Agreement between Resin Seeds Company and CannabisBuyer. Under the Agreement, CannabisBuyer will be the exclusive distributor for the Spanish born cannabis Seed-bank in the United States. Master...

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